Investor's basic course

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Together we will start from scratch and build you an active trader’s mindset

  • star Short lessons with clear topics
  • done_all Tests and practical tasks after each lesson
  • Speed does not matter — practice at your own pace
  • security Core focus on keeping your investment safe

What you will learn

Utilise the basic principles of stock market to make money
Operate on the most popular platforms
Read different types of charts
Avoid paying extra to a broker
Apply leverage and multiply your opportunities 500 times
Forecast markets depending on the news
Manage risks and keep your investment safe

Who will find our course useful

Everyone who’s just started or doesn’t know where to begin
Those who feel they’re missing something important
Gurus who know everything except how to teach others

Smart and profitable investing is not accidental — it is our strategy!

play_arrow Start practiсing The whole course is free!